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Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer

Inexpensive and cheap Android phones in Pakistan have always performed better than  high-end ones in the Pakistani Market. First, it was the Huawei IDEOS (also known as Zong IDEOS) which started selling for around Rs. 14,000.

For a few months, there was no such ‘affordable’ Android phone in the market with a recent Android version running on it. That is when, Samsung Galaxy Y was launched. It is already available in the Pakistani markets for a very affordable price (for a smartphone), but we are soon going to see another entry-level smartphone, this time by HTC.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer

HTC has always been known to release mid-range and  high-end smartphones only, but their latest HTC Explorer changes that all. We took HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Y for a test run and used it for a few days. Result? We did a head-to-head comparison between both of these Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Specifications

Here is comparison between most of the features that are offered by these smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer 1
Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer 2

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Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Display

Both the devices have significant differences in their display screens. Galaxy Y comes with a 3-inch display screen (resolution 240×320) and HTC Explorer is of 3.2-inch with 320×480 resolution. Both the devices have a TFT display. The significant change is visible when you use/see both the devices with their screens on.

Galaxy Y has a poor resolution as compared to the HTC Explorer. Resolution is actually a major problem. Many of the apps are not designed for such low-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy Y, so many of them don’t really display correctly i.e Seesmic for Android. On the other hand, HTC Explorer offers a better display resolution which doesn’t break any apps. It is actually better than the HTC Wildfire.

In a quick direct sunlight test, HTC Explorer’s screen outperformed the Samsung Galaxy Y in visibility.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Body

Samsung Galaxy Y comes in the signature plastic body like the rest of galaxy series by Samsung, but has managed to make the body of hard plastic. The rear cover is a textured hard cover with gives a good grip when you hold the phone in your hands.

HTC Explorer has a plastic body as well, but it is slightly flexible and gives you a solid feeling when holding the phone – just like the build quality of other HTC phones.

Samsung Galaxy Y is 11.5mm thick, whereas the HTC Explorer is 12.9mm. Similarly, HTC Explorer feels heavier because of its build quality.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Camera

The camera on both of these phones give almost the same results – even when their megapixels vary. It’s all about the quality. I have taken some photos from both of the devices. You can see and compare them below.

Photos from the Samsung Galaxy Y:

Photos from the HTC Explorer:

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Video Sample

Samsung Galaxy Y video sample:

HTC Explorer video sample:

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Battery

Samsung Galaxy Y seems to have a way better battery life than the HTC Explorer. It gave me about 2-3 days of juice with moderate usage (and up to 6 days with light usage), which is very impressive for an Android phone compared to other high-end offerings from Samsung.

HTC Explorer gave me a maximum of 1-2 days of battery time with moderate usage.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Photos

Comparing both the devices, which one do you think is better, also keep in mind the price difference between both of them.


  • In my opinion we should compare devices of same bracket with each other.

    HTC Explorer is an HVGA device (same in the league of Samsung Galaxy Gio, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, Xperia X8, etc). It is introduced by HTC as a replacement of HTC Wildfire S.

    Galaxy Y is a QVGA device (same in the league of Zong Ideos, Galaxy Mini, HTC Wildfire, Xperia X10 Mini, etc). It is a replacement of Galaxy Mini S5570 by Samsung.

    Comparing the devices in the same league makes sense. In my opinion HTC Explorer is way better than Galaxy Y. HTC Explorer competition from Samsung is Galaxy Gio S5660 (which also falls in the same price range).

  • I don’t know man. I think I’ll buy a used Samsung Galaxy S in around PKR 25,000 instead of buying any of these. Because there is not much difference between 17k and 25k. But I guess, HTC Explorer is a better proposal instead of Samsung Galaxy Y

  • htc Explorer Batter than Samsung Galaxy Y ..
    you can Run 300000 application on hTCExplorer ..  galaxy Y can not ..

    Thank to htc…

  • i think galaxy y is better…..coz i my self have been using it for some time now and besides the low resolution problem, it performs very well.And you also have to keep in mind the price figure as it is very important while buying any type of phone.
    HTC Explorer is 17000 while Galaxy y is 14500 and with a little bargaining, i was able to get it for just 13500….which is very cheap.
    I know that i cannot play many games with it but i don’t care about games as long as i can run every single app i come across.
    Besides that you can play low graphics but popular games like Fruit Ninja,Angry Birds etc…smoothly.
    That’s my thoughts.

  • I think there is no comparision of Galaxy Y and explorer. It ther is any then that shoud be between explorer & Gio

  • I Think it is correct that there is no comparision b/t these two phones…The most specifications of GALAXY Y is not so good but there is a very much difference in the price of these phones…GALAXY Y is available only  at Rs. 13,500 & EXPLORER price is Rs. 18,000 (from Mobilink u can get it only for Rs. 15,999/-)..Although The camera & Appplications are very much better or high in EXPLORER but the Processor is better in GALAXY Y. According to my opinion GALAXY Gio is a better phone at reasonable price available in the market isntead of both of these phones.   

  • very nice post dear. It is good to know that someone from pakistan is reviewing these kind of things. keep it up man. thumbs up to you. 🙂

  • Processor is not all about MHz, HTC Explorer has Armv7 processor which is way ahead of Samsung’s Armv6 which cannot support Flash content! There is no match, Explorer is an obvious winner!

  • Glaxy Y has screen resolution only 320X240 (ppi 133), many apps not work on this resolution,where as EXPLORER has 320X480 (ppi 180). Glaxy Y has older ARM v.6 processor which dos’t support ADOBE FLASH PLAYER, where as EXPLORER has ARM v.7 processor that also support ADOBE FLASH PLAYER. 512mb RAM, Digital compass & G sensor, free GPRS & leather pouch in EXPLORER also makes it better than Glaxy Y. So I am going to purchase EXPLORER. 

  • Dear video samples u provided are shot by same camera. 480p is impressive stuff. But same person passing and same point of view. I’m sure u posted same vid by same mobile.

  • explorer has better camera, faster processor, better display colors and resolution, better UI. Only weakness against Galaxy Y is a weaker battery. I would prefer explorer, and cater for battery drain with a car mobile charger.

  • Thanks Dude this really helped me decide which phone i will buy. I will buy the HTC Explorer. Thanks:)

  • i actually came across this to find out which one was better,and i guess htc wins in my opinion…nice work ..keep it up..

  • aap HTC use kar k dekho. Its really a big difference between experiencing the phone and just reading. I am sure u’ll change your mind after handling hTC explorer. and by the way bro, HTC is now available in just Rs. 15000.1500 ke difference me aap ko better processer (because HTC’s processor is from Qualcomm which far far better. double RAM, better camera, double the resolution, solid beautiful good quality body, larger screen, 200 Areno GPU (Graphics procession unit, like an AGP card or something). aur sab se bari baat, BETTER RESALE !! Samsung doesn’t have a good resale. I also own a samsung phone !

  • thank you Mr Haris Nadeem for this excellent comparison..can you please track me HTC’s most recent price as in Krch?the place as well.. 

  • guys i want to buy galaxy y tell me about it………is there any problem in it???? and what about nokia c503?????????

  • Thank u so much for the nice and detailed review. I’m glad to read a review by a Pakistani. and it’s better than from all international reviewers I’ve read before.
    Helped me a lot.
    I would buy HTC Explorer.

  • Yar HTC Explorer k baray main tm ny theek kaha hai, yh behtr set hai Samsun Galaxy y sy.
    And games performance zaida behtr hai es k GPU ki vja sy.

  • Yar India main HTC Explorer to low cost ho gy na pakistani rupees sy n Samsung Galaxy y Pakistan main Rs:13000 ka hai. India main Re:7000?

  • ExceLent worK !
    weLL i wiLL go with gaLaxy Y . Because of it’ s batterY time and Low cost then HTC . Bt i aLso agree that HTC is better in performance but batterY time specaiLLy in portable ELectronic devices pLays a PivoL roLe (speciaLLy in Pak ! with the bLessing of Load sheddinG 🙂 ) .

  • bro india 1 rupees= pakistani 2 rupees. balke india me ziada mehnge hai. htc explorer indian 10,000 Rs ka ha mean it is pakistan 20,000 Rs. galaxy  Y indian 7000 Rs pak 14000 RS

  • What about the samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 which is duel sim. i was going for explorer but now i am thinking about Galaxy Y Duos S6102. Please suggest

  • i used galaxy y its nice experience but i excited to buy HTC explorer any one who can buy Galaxy Y contact me on 0300-5147969