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HTC Explorer, Launching Next Week For Less Than Rs. 17,000

HTC Explorer, the budget Android phone from HTC is next in line for launch in Pakistan. Brightex Pakistan is expected to launch this phone as soon as next week. Looks like, Samsung Galaxy Y is finally going to get a competitor among “affordable smartphones”.

HTC Explorer has a 600MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3.2-inch display, 3 megapixels camera etc. The price for HTC Explorer is still not confirmed yet, but from what we know, it will be under Rs. 17, 000.

Apart from this, we have also heard that HTC Explorer will have some additional goodies too. HTC Explorer doesn’t come with a handsfree out of the box, but that is expected to be included with the HTC Explorer, as well as a carrying pouch and 3 months free mobile Internet connection.

3 months free GPRS hints HTC Explorer to be launching with a mobile network, any guesses for that? Our bet is on Telenor!

And like I mentioned in the first line above that HTC Explorer is a Samsung Galaxy Y competitor, well, we will be bringing a Galaxy Y vs Explorer comparison soon!

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  • It’s good to see an entry-level HTC enter the market after Samsung’s Galaxy line took to specifically targeting that price point. A little competition never hurt anyone, and people now have options to choose from. Seeing as how we’re seeing a lot of people looking to upgrade to a smartphone, HTC made a good move to cash in on this particular demographic.