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DevFest Lahore 2023 Ignites Pakistan’s Developers Landscape with Record-Breaking Turnout

Lahore, Pakistan – January 1, 2024 – Google Developers Group (GDG) Lahore, the largest volunteer-run developers community in Pakistan, proudly hosted DevFest Lahore 2023 on December 23rd, 2023, the largest gathering of software engineers and developers in the region. As the lead organizer, Haris Nadeem, along with Sheharyar Naseer and Abrar Ashfaq, brought the tech community together for a full-day multi-track event that showcased the latest trends in Generative AI, Machine Learning, Gemini, TensorFlow, Android, and Flutter.

“The energy and enthusiasm at DevFest this year was truly unprecedented,” said Haris Nadeem, lead organizer and GDG Lahore’s managing director. “Our community embraced the theme, showcasing the immense potential of Generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies to empower everyone, regardless of skill level.”

The #DevFestPK and #GDGLahore hashtags buzzed across social media platforms throughout the event, reflecting the vibrant engagement. More than just a conference, DevFest offered a comprehensive learning experience featuring:

Attendees: Over 2,100 developers participated in the event, creating a dynamic and diverse environment for learning and networking.

Developer Profiles: Nearly 3,000 developer profiles were collected, highlighting the vast interest shown by the developer community for the event.

16 expert speakers: Leading figures from Google, OneByte, and the local tech scene delivered insightful talks across two tracks, covering Generative AI/ML, Gemini, Flutter, Firebase, Android, and ChromeOS.

4 hands-on workshops: Attendees delved deeper into practical applications with interactive workshops on topics like Google MakerSuite, TensorFlow, Google Vision AI, and Flutter app development.

Showcase of innovation: Local startups and developers showcased their projects in the DevFest exhibition, highlighting the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Pakistan.

The success wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the sponsors – Google for Developers, OneByte, Systems Limited, Gaditek, Taleemabad, JetBrains, and UpAlerts AI.

Sheharyar Naseer, ranked among the top 5 developers in Pakistan according to the widely-used developer site, StackOverflow, and co-organizer at GDG Lahore, expressed his gratitude, saying, “DevFest Lahore 2023 exceeded our expectations in terms of community engagement and the quality of content shared. We’re ecstatic to see the tech community come together to explore the future of AI and technology.”

“DevFest Lahore 2023 proves that the future of technology belongs to everyone,” said Huzaifa Habib, Community Manager at Google for South Asia Frontier Region. “We’re thrilled to see GDG Lahore managing such a vibrant and inclusive community, empowering developers across Pakistan to harness the power of AI and build brighter futures.”

The echoes of DevFest Lahore 2023 resonate far beyond the event itself. With their newfound knowledge and inspiration, participants will undoubtedly go on to build innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of technology and making “Gen AI for Everyone!” a reality in Pakistan.

About GDG Lahore:

Google Developers Group (GDG) Lahore is the largest volunteer-run developers community in Pakistan, established in 2012. GDG Lahore is committed to bringing together developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts to learn, collaborate, and stay updated on Google technologies. DevFest Lahore is an annual flagship event organized by GDG Lahore, providing a platform for the tech community to connect and explore the latest trends in technology.