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Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer

Inexpensive and cheap Android phones in Pakistan have always performed better than  high-end ones in the Pakistani Market. First, it was the Huawei IDEOS (also known as Zong IDEOS) which started selling for around Rs. 14,000.

For a few months, there was no such ‘affordable’ Android phone in the market with a recent Android version running on it. That is when, Samsung Galaxy Y was launched. It is already available in the Pakistani markets for a very affordable price (for a smartphone), but we are soon going to see another entry-level smartphone, this time by HTC.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer

HTC has always been known to release mid-range and  high-end smartphones only, but their latest HTC Explorer changes that all. We took HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Y for a test run and used it for a few days. Result? We did a head-to-head comparison between both of these Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Specifications

Here is comparison between most of the features that are offered by these smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer - 1
Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer - 2

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Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Display

Both the devices have significant differences in their display screens. Galaxy Y comes with a 3-inch display screen (resolution 240×320) and HTC Explorer is of 3.2-inch with 320×480 resolution. Both the devices have a TFT display. The significant change is visible when you use/see both the devices with their screens on.

Galaxy Y has a poor resolution as compared to the HTC Explorer. Resolution is actually a major problem. Many of the apps are not designed for such low-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy Y, so many of them don’t really display correctly i.e Seesmic for Android. On the other hand, HTC Explorer offers a better display resolution which doesn’t break any apps. It is actually better than the HTC Wildfire.

In a quick direct sunlight test, HTC Explorer’s screen outperformed the Samsung Galaxy Y in visibility.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Body

Samsung Galaxy Y comes in the signature plastic body like the rest of galaxy series by Samsung, but has managed to make the body of hard plastic. The rear cover is a textured hard cover with gives a good grip when you hold the phone in your hands.

HTC Explorer has a plastic body as well, but it is slightly flexible and gives you a solid feeling when holding the phone – just like the build quality of other HTC phones.

Samsung Galaxy Y is 11.5mm thick, whereas the HTC Explorer is 12.9mm. Similarly, HTC Explorer feels heavier because of its build quality.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Camera

The camera on both of these phones give almost the same results – even when their megapixels vary. It’s all about the quality. I have taken some photos from both of the devices. You can see and compare them below.

Photos from the Samsung Galaxy Y:

Photos from the HTC Explorer:

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Video Sample

Samsung Galaxy Y video sample:

HTC Explorer video sample:

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Battery

Samsung Galaxy Y seems to have a way better battery life than the HTC Explorer. It gave me about 2-3 days of juice with moderate usage (and up to 6 days with light usage), which is very impressive for an Android phone compared to other high-end offerings from Samsung.

HTC Explorer gave me a maximum of 1-2 days of battery time with moderate usage.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs HTC Explorer: Photos

Comparing both the devices, which one do you think is better, also keep in mind the price difference between both of them.