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PTCL Android Phone Price and Package Details

PTCL Android Phone IVIO Icon Pro

I’m sure most of your would have already seen/heard about the new Android phone launched by PTCL. It is called the IVIO Icon Pro which has been brought to Pakistan by Airlink Communication in collaboration with PTCL to include the EVO Wireless Internet in it.

For features and specification details, you can read our previous post on the IVIO Icon Pro. There are a few confusions about the pricing and package details and I have got many queries related to them since yesterday. Well, we decided to make them clear to everyone.

PTCL IVIO Icon Pro Pricing and Package Details

Here are the two packages being offered for the IVIO Icon Pro by PTCL:

Evo Wind: Smartphone + 15GB data with 6 months validity = Rs.17,999/-

Evo Wings: Smartphone + 5GB data with 3 months validity = Rs.16,999/-

Now, for example, you are on the Evo Wind package that offers 15GB of EVO Internet data with 6 months validity. When you run out of your 15GB data or your validity period of 6 months is over, you will have to recharge your PTCL account for more Evo Internet data.

However, if you decide not to use Evo and continue using your WiFi and mobile network’s Internet, that is also acceptable. But, if you want to recharge Evo, you can go for the following options:

  • Smart 5GB – 3 months of Evo Internet @ Rs.999
  • Smart 15GB – 3 months of Evo Internet @ Rs.1,999

You can also recharge your account easily using Easypaisa, PTCL’s Evload, PTCL One Stop Shops for top up – or you can recharge using Vfone scratch cards of Rs. 2,000.

I hope this clears out the confusing regarding payments, recharging and pricing queries related to the IVIO Icon Pro by PTCL.


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  • Many ppl r wondering about the features of this phone. I bought this 2 days back. Ptcl help line is not very well versed about the phone. The 3 problems i see r that the casing is very cheap looking. Android froyo is not ver stable on the low end hardware and the camera is terrible without the flash. But all can be forgiven due to its price for me as i was paying worldcall 900 rs for a wireless modem. So this pretty much pays for itself in about a year. I am writing this reviwe while pn the phone

  • The screen is good very bright and even in the sun I can see clearly. Preformace wise its good. Again this is a low end phone with good evo features and you can also add a uim card to carry vfone with you so that feature s being overlooked.

  • Can you suggest which one should I buy? IVIO or HTC explorer? Current charm with IVIO is of course 3G, but I guess when licenses are available to other companies they will use this as well.

  • its a very nyce phone , camera is ok if brightness is there other wise not, have done video conferencing with it , performance is good to , spcl feature like the use of evo internet which is build in is also preety much okay. screen is very good along with touch is nyce too.
    in this price its a good phone
    size is prob
    helpline is a prob i.e u have to go to airlink 
    no availability of protector or other related stuff in market till to date

  • My Experience so far with the phone is as follows.

    The good
    1- The only mobile with better internet speed. 
    2- Andriod with lot of applications 
    3- You can also have PTCL v phone sim in it along with your GSM sim, so effectively carrying two numbers.  

    The bad
    1 – Phone quality is average as you would expect. Build quality is not great, I have already got the phone replaced due to poor back button function. 
    2- When charging some times it becomes very difficult to operate the screen since you tap one option and another options shows up. Or you type one letter then 2 or 3 are typed. 
    3- If you keep 3g on your battery will be drained in 2 hours or even less on stand by.  
    4- Its heavy and bulky.

    Don’t expect the speed to be great, it just gets the job done. 

  • i don’t think it’s a good phone because of its battery+touch+heat up+video calling+browsing speed that u r expectng +camera with no good results in dark
    other wise due to price its a average phone
    i m using i phone 4  it has  no compare to it

  • Just bought this phone. Anyone noticed a visible glare on the top left of the phone when held in landscape position. It’s particularly visible when playing YouTube videos that have Blackpool background

  • It depends on your need. If you have wifi accessibility then there is no better option than explorer in this price range .
    If you need internet on the go ivio well suit you. But don’t forget to get a car charger

  • i have purchased this phone in march.iptcl is responsible for internet can’t do video or proper voice chat using skype because of internet battery quality and phone quality is not battery go dead with in 2 months.memory card port go damaged with in 3 days maximum. i am not satisfied customer.dont waste your money on it.