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PTCL 3G Android Phone with EVO Wireless Launched in Pakistan

PTCL 3G Android Phone Touch N Fly

PTCL has launched their new 3G Android phone with EVO Wireless Internet. It is an Android phone that allows you to carry around your PTCL EVO connection and use the built-in WiFi as well when needed – and works with any mobile network in Pakistan!

IVIO 3G Android phone by PTCL is an entry-level Android phone that comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is manufactured by IVIO, that same folks who manufactured the PTCL Evo Tab (full review).

Some of the features offered by this PTCL 3G Android phone are:

  • GSM phone with 3G Evo enabled.
  • Simultaneously use PTCL Evo and take phone calls.
  • PTCL Evo with speeds up to 3.1 Mbps, covering 150 cities in Pakistan.

PTCL 3G Android Phone Specification

Here is a quick run down of the specifications of the PTCL 3G Android phone:

  • 4GB MicroSD card included, extendable up to 32GB.
  • 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM.
  • 3.5-inch display with 480×320 resolution.
  • 5 megapixels camera.
  • 3G wifi hotspot.
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)

PTCL 3G Android Phone Price

PTCL 3G Android phone comes in two packages, and looking at the prices, I think this phone has just made it to my list of the cheapest Android phones in Pakistan.

Evo Wind: Smartphone + 15GB data with 6 months validity = Rs.17,999/-

Evo Wings: Smartphone + 5GB data with 3 months validity = Rs.16,999/-

We will soon do a full and detailed review of the PTCL 3G Android phone. Do check us back!

For all the new and future updates on Android phones prices, check out our new Mobile Prices page.


  • how about this phone??? is anyout there.using this one??? tell us about this one plzz 🙂

  • plz comment on the phone if any one has used it.. i want to knw da quality of pictures from the camera, battery response time as compared to nokia, responsiveness of touch screen and wifi functionality and other features of the phone.

  • It is a nice phone but with very short battery life indeed, specially when using internet. About one percent of battery is consumed in each 2 minute watching TV streams. I bought it three days ago and still not satisfied as I have been using Nokia sets. It may take time to be familiar with all features.Its best advantage is to get 3G speed in any smallest available device in Pakistan.

  • very very bad 3 time software issue 3G suddenly stuck without any reason. very disappointed.

  • I bought this phone last week.. 1st impression is very good.. but day by day its feeels my ugly.. batry timing is very bad .. of-course on 3g.. its around about 3-4 hrs.. but without 3g it will with u for a day maximum.. 
    but suddenly few hour ago i got 0% signal of evo(aka 3g) and got message in lockscreen that “No RUIM Card”… what the hell with it.. and ptcl has no satisfactory support as usual.. tell me the solution if any one have.. my number is 0321-9004300 n email [email protected]

  • allaaaaa bombastic phone just a battery problem which we have to face because of CDMA network we getting 3G from cdma and worldwide role in cdma if the signal strength is not good it will drain your battery 🙂 tip for you use an extra battery like me 🙂 becasue of this getting 3G speed on my other mobile as well through wifi tethering

  • Assalomoalaikum,
    I was having the problem of “NO RUIM CARD” on  3G Android Smartphone IVIO Pro and was searching for it.Found nothing but your query again n again.I started hit and trial and solved the problem  as follows:
    Settings > wireless n network >mobile network>cdma>nv
    Hope this will help you.
    Keep in prayers.

  • salam, same problem suddenly occured while using net, I can see this
    Settings > wireless n network >mobile network>cdma>nv

    Settings > wireless n network >mobile network>CDMA options
    -Access point names
    -System slect (change the cdma roaming mode)
    -cellbroadcast sms

    now, what to do?

  • Nokia is Million time better than this… No matter even it is 1110 🙂 :P:P

  • i got droid x its a cdma phone.can anyone tell that ptcl will provide only 3g ervices for my phone?what will be the procedure?

  • Now sets are available in market before that all slod and it was short in market.

  •  Yar I bought Android X too, do you find any solution. I called every network even telenor reply me that 3G is coming but we can’t give any date.
    Please Inform me if you find any solution.
    at : nidostyle at gmail dot com

  • how about andriod phone with keypad and dual sim, is there any good one.coz i hate touch screens

  • i can not connect it to my computer…. shows no drive as usb? what i am missing? please help…..

  • Lot of Issues some some solved some unsolved.
    Airlink communication are helpful but they also get stuck up (Ph # 042-35774478-9)
    For battery problem download “one touch battery saver” from google play
    To recharge CDMA account note down the no from the box add 10 before it & tell Ufone to recharge at this # e.g if the number on box is xxxx then 10xxxx
    Very good camera excellent quality
    take out mem card & fill as much as u want with help of card reader
    the biggest problem is when down load completes it gives message “cannot install in SD card / USB
    cannot use camera on Skype 
    Love it when it works hate it when most of time its with Airlink

  • salam..i want to buy dis phone anyone who has used it plzzz tell me about it..

  • me nadeem, i want to buy it ,if any body sell it i wil purchase,
    my mob 03455894296. and tel it performance

  • brother great job great amazing i have done the same thing and it works i pray for u u solve my tension .brother i can i use evo in this nv option