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PTCL IVIO Icon Pro 3G EVO APN Settings

PTCL’s IVIO Icon Pro comes with built-in 3G Evo Internet connection. We have been using the phone for a while now and like many others, faced the issue of CDMA (3G Evo) APN settings disappearing from the phone.

Thanks to our reader, Danyal Manzar, I tried to add the APN settings back into the phone but it just wouldn’t save. In the end, the only solution – except the Cricket APN settings Galaxy S6 – was to visit Airlink Communications office in your city and get the phone software re-installed, which would also wipe out all your installed apps, settings and games from the phone memory.

The CDMA APN settings bug is still there, and the only solution to fix it is how I have mentioned above. Still, if you think you can add the APN settings back, we have shared the default settings below:

  1. Go to Settings > Dual mode settings > CDMA Access Point Names.
  2. Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.
  3. Now use the following settings:
    Name: PTCL EVO (anything you like)
    APN: #777
    Username: [email protected] (case-sensitive)
    Password: ptcl
    MCC: 410
    MNC: 51
    APN type: default,supl
  4. Leave the rest of the options as they are.
  5. Save the settings and if this worked, your PTCL 3G should be enabled again!


  • Can you suggest which one should I buy? IVIO or HTC explorer? Current charm with IVIO is of course 3G, but I guess when licenses are available to other companies they will use this as well.

  • 1. PTCL EVO settings disappear without any reason. You need to go to support office to get them back and locked. In this process all your programmes are erased.

    2. Very difficult to type correctly in some applications due to auto repeat keys and very small keyboard. There is no way of changing auto repeat rate or disable it.

    3. Samsung Galaxy Gio is much better phone in same price.

    4. Its processor is slow. If you install many programmes, it starts behaving erratically. Internet browsing & PDF reader become difficult to use. Here are processor speeds of some comparable phones.

    PTCL IVIO                        = 600 MHZ
    SAMSUNG GIO                = 800 MHZ

  • While you do have a point the problem with samsung is that it doesn’t have ptcl evo and 3.1mbps speeds and for this price you  get 6 months of internet plan with it. The phone is decent. and i think whats happening with you is that you have alot of applications running in the background. You need to go to application>manage application>running and close down the apps you are not using… that will happen to any phone. yes they should have a way to exit out apps instead of sending it to the background but this is a cheap phone use it as one (with cdma option)….

  • I am using IVIO. Its a good phone again depends on what you want to do. I bought this phone as I was paying worldcall 900rs per month for portable 256kbps internet connection. With this phone I only have to pay 2000rs every 6 months for 3.1mbps . While it has a 15gb limit I dont go over it so I will be saving money on this phone after which I will buy a decent android phone… so works out great for me.

  • I’m curious… why can’t we use the PTCL Evo CDMA sim from this phone and just use it on a high-end smartphone? e.g. HTC EVO 3D CDMA?

  • sir i have the ptcl smart phone my settings are saved correctly but my 3g doesnt connects can you help me please 

  • I am using this phone for a week there are some issues but u should have mind to solve them there is no big problem thats really a good phone i recommend this phone because of its amazing 3g speed and nice touch also 

  • I am using this phone from last 2 months. it is perfect but i could not use its 3g technology if any one have idea then inform me on my mail
    shahidakram055@gmail:twitter .com

  • i have the ptcl evo tab :
    my problum is :
    1: not 3g service in my tabe
    but all option is cliear full signal but not net brousing