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PACPAD: An Android Tablet by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex


You might have already heard by now. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has manufactured the (not really) first Android tablet in Pakistan – the PACPAD 1. Not just this product, Pakistan’s air force complex has also launched their own version of a netbook and an e-book reader.

PACPAD is a joint venture between PAC and Chinese manufacturers to boost the local economy and provide low-cost solutions to consumers. These tablets are manufactured at an air force base in Kamra in northern Pakistan.


The product has received mixed reviews. Apart from appreciations to PAC on launching a local product, many have objected on why is PAC making consumer electronics where as it should be defending our air spaces.

We haven’t tried out the PACPAD yet, so can’t really comment on the performance and usability of the tablet. Hoping if Pakistan Air Force would send us a unit so we can bring you videos and more photos of this Android tablet!

PACPAD 1 Price and Specifications

PACPAD 1 costs Rs. 15,500 ($170) and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A complete specifications list can be found below:

PACPAD 1 specificationsYou can buy this tablet from a shop in Rawalpindi or order it online from PAC’s website.

PACPAD Display Centers

PAC Commissary, ARF PAC Kamra

Mobile Plus: Shop No. 15, Singapore Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.
Phone: +92 (51) 5110 007

NOTE: Currently, PACPAD is being displayed and sold at Rawalpindi and Kamra offices only.


Here are some more photos of the PACPAD. A big thanks to our friend @dj_bubble for sending in these photos!


  • This device is useless as it holds only 256mb ram and btw it is a counterfeit device from china and you can get them as low as 90$ means less then 10k. Also people said true that PAC must repair their RADARS so we can not be a easy victim of our enemies, Don’t play with toys of china, build something for defence 🙂

  • bhaio yeh jaisa bhee hai aik bar zaroor purchase kerna chahiay, kum iz kum hosla afzai ho ge aur woh is say bhee behter bana sakain gay, and in this price it is not so bad

  • I totally agree.
    We should buy what ever it is because it is for pakistan.
    More buying will make more funds for them to make it more better.

  • chines devices se compare karna hia to ap specs dekho , they dont have Hdmi , ports , G sensors , + 1 year warranty and after sale service , do u get those in chines tabs ?

  • Great great effort!! im going to buy it and be proud of it!! i dont have have much high expectations because anything is worth 15500!!. People buy it so that we can boost our local industry.. with more units they sell close they might get to economies of scale and have more for RnD to improve for future. Help build local brands!!

  • just bought it , yar its really cool , previously i was using ipad1 , its even better then it cuz its weight is relatively less + it supports adobe and every android app but ya camera is pathetic but graphics r cool.secondly ipad has also 252mb ram and 1 ghz processor and its more then enough for ipad and as well as this PAC-pad1.And if u compare the price so of course its just 15000.only the disadvantage is that ipad is 9.7 inches  and its 7.

  • should i 
    purchase ????? plzzzzzz i have only 16000 ! if one they gone 🙁 🙁  🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 

  • Be optimistic people. They made the PAC Pad for us to use. Its an attempt to get us Pakistani self-dependent. Looking at its price, its not that bad of a deal after all. An affordable, reliable tablet is exactly what most Pakistani’s want. Think of all the possibilities, since it is quite affordable, it can be used in the education sector to educate people etc. For those of you who do not know how to appreciate stuff, “get a life”. This is their first product, i’m sure they’ll be releasing much better and more affordable devices in the near future. 

  • kafi herani ki baat hai paki made hai phr b urdu nh, hmari national language he nh ! wah 

  • Its super smart device i use it .
    extra think is that made by pakistan and in 18250 rupees

  • dude tum urdu mein waqai Tablet use keroge be honest before commenting?

  • PAC is not Pakistan Airforce. It is an autonomous organization with its own board of directors. It is not under ministry of defence, rather it comes under the umbrella of Ministry of defence production. It has a lot of generic development facilities that have been procured at a huge cost. So if they make use of their production facilities to make some commercial product, it will not only enhance the skill of technical manpower of PAC but also provide a source of cheap alternative products for consumers. The production facilities are only in use once a batch production starts. The machines are idle once a batch is completed. So why not make use of the spare time and resources? And by the way, military is also providing its medical facilities to general public, so what is wrong if a semi-military organization (the PAC) provide a small portion of its engineering facilities to general public?

  • To Iftikhar & hashmi Sb.

    Hum tablet urdu me to nahi istimal karain ge, mager French, Korean, Japanese aur Chinese me bhi nahi karain ge. To ager PAC Tablet baqi languages support ker sakta hai to urdu aur Arabic kiyoun nahi, UNLESS its ONLY n ONLY made in China. B realistic before commenting.    

  • Dear Umair I value your patriotism and optimism but look at the other side of the picture as well. If those people who are responsible for the defense will do the business then what the genuine businessmen will do? Result is clear, our current economic situation today is due to the fact that everybody is doing what is not their job. Secondly i don’t see any good in robbing you for the cheap thing they are offering, with only effort they made is placing there logo on it, even it is not localized in our languages like Urdu, Pushto, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi etc. And last did you used it yourself? You see the mandate to develop such a tech goes to PTCL or other organizations. Even PTCL is offering a much better thing.

  • dear friend … 

    all Android phones including PAC PAD have provision of typing in URDU … you just have to install the right software … is main PAC ka koi qusoor nahi agar ap ko android ka knowledge nahi hay … 

  • Dear Letsplay,

    Please note that PAC is NOT part of the Air Force or the Military. It is a complex of factories that make hundreds of products and sell them all over the world (including Pakistani armed forces). They are already doing commercial business and they have every right to do so … 

    please remove your misconception that Military is going commercial … its not … 

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  • yes! urdu language must have been incorporated… and over all its a very good effort but 0.3 mp camra pulls it down…

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  • plz do a video review … i am excited about buying a tablet made in my own country (mashallah) … but need some info on its performance … 

  • its very strange that made by pakistan and Pakistan national language is no where…
    I love my pakistan…..

  • be mature, comment about the android tablet made in Pakistan. Don’t come here to fight.

  •  what networks ds it support? or does it support nyyy network??? n wht’s the screen pixel resolution?? n ds it hv gps? n h’ the sound quality? n hw much usable ram???