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PACPAD: An Android Tablet by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex


You might have already heard by now. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has manufactured the (not really) first Android tablet in Pakistan – the PACPAD 1. Not just this product, Pakistan’s air force complex has also launched their own version of a netbook and an e-book reader.

PACPAD is a joint venture between PAC and Chinese manufacturers to boost the local economy and provide low-cost solutions to consumers. These tablets are manufactured at an air force base in Kamra in northern Pakistan.


The product has received mixed reviews. Apart from appreciations to PAC on launching a local product, many have objected on why is PAC making consumer electronics where as it should be defending our air spaces.

We haven’t tried out the PACPAD yet, so can’t really comment on the performance and usability of the tablet. Hoping if Pakistan Air Force would send us a unit so we can bring you videos and more photos of this Android tablet!

PACPAD 1 Price and Specifications

PACPAD 1 costs Rs. 15,500 ($170) and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A complete specifications list can be found below:

PACPAD 1 specificationsYou can buy this tablet from a shop in Rawalpindi or order it online from PAC’s website.

PACPAD Display Centers

PAC Commissary, ARF PAC Kamra

Mobile Plus: Shop No. 15, Singapore Plaza, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.
Phone: +92 (51) 5110 007

NOTE: Currently, PACPAD is being displayed and sold at Rawalpindi and Kamra offices only.


Here are some more photos of the PACPAD. A big thanks to our friend @dj_bubble for sending in these photos!


  • How Much? brother do tell! and also the 256mb ram seems low to me is it causing you problems? And can you download apps from the android marketplace using this pad? which version of android does it have, (remember 4.0 ice-cream-sandwich is the latest)?

  • Its a good progress by PAC, Insha Allah this will lead towards a fully indigenous Pakistan made product. I am gonna buy it soon. And for all those who are  doing critics becasue of Urdu and maps, these all are secondary things, and Insha Allah will be added in newer versions i hope, but for now this should be enough to feel proud that Pakistan has achieved another benchmark in latest technologies in which very few countries has experties.  Hope for best, be proud of you country and support your country. Thanks

  • Have just lost the touchscreen on my PAC PAD Takhti today. Was working fine just before I turned it off at night. In the morning, boom and it was not working. I am gutted. Would come up with details shortly. 

  • Please don’t buy this tablet. Otherwise you will need tablets to eat to overcome from the trauma this tablet is going to provide you with.

  • PAC has also launched their net book and ebook reader thumbs up for their efforts.
    And now a days defence techonology and electronics are apart. so plz consider before saying ” Deeefeeenceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    Ha.ha idiots…

  • you are right budy i agree with u…
    see its first effort before this do u think pak. was having best defence or if so will it go dowm after launching tablet…

  • its nt sooo bad, if u put more than thousand zeros after s, even then it wont get even a bit closer 2 any competition with any of the other tabs, they all r lot times better in specs n cheaper too. i only opened this page bcoz of “PAKISTAN made” , i thought (as mentioned above) this 1 is 4 poor public but if u hv evn a little knowledge about tablets in recent market u will agree with me. this 1 is 2 make our poor pakistanis even poorer
    i think they should make such efforts, (v definately appreciates it) but nt at the expense of our pockets

  • pricey. In this price you can get a 1 gb ram + 1 .5ghz processor (china), well before you question my comments pls note that this is also Chinese technology.

  • its a waste of money there are much better tablets in the market with the same price