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GPS Tracking in Pakistan with Android Apps

I’ve been using Android for a long time now, and during my time with it, I’ve found a number of apps that have helped me a lot in my daily life. One such app is GPS Tracker by Instapper for Android devices!

InstaMapper is a free GPS tracking service which allows you to track an Android phone in real time and also share the location with your friends and family on a blog page or website.

It records your tracks and saves them as a report on their servers, which you can also export in a variety of formats. A very helpful app to help your family/friends keep track of you when going on long drives, hiking etc.

I have a Live GPS Tracking page on my personal blog which can show my readers where exactly I am when I have turned on location sharing from the GPS Tracker app. A very helpful tool for me when I’m in Pakistan – or traveling in some other country!

Apart from Google Maps/Latitude, this is one Android app I regularly use on my phone which shows how you can utilize Google Maps for Android devices. And not to forget, this app also works with Android tablets!

Download GPS Tracker for Android


  • Wow it’s an impressive to read out your experience regarding the GPS Tracking and good see out that the people of Pakistan really showing their interest in an Advance technology..

  • Try navit. its an opensource project and has turn by turn navigation based on open street maps. It lacks realtime social sharing and its still an early beta, but its ofline free navigtion around the world. cant beat that.

  • Install Navitel and use the offline navigation maps from to get true voice navigation.

  • Well Facebook Places has been launched in Pakistan which pretty much renders location sharing of this app useless. Apart from that, Google Maps and My Tracks apps have yet to fail me. But i’ll look into this app as well to see if its any better.

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