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How to Type in Urdu on Android Phones in Urdu

Have you tried to type in Urdu on your Android phone? Most of us can, while many don’t know how to do that.

Most Android phones launched specially for Pakistan (and Middle East region) have Urdu language and input support, but some phones don’t. Over the past few weeks, I have got several queries on email and Facebook on how to type in Urdu on phones.

How to Type in Urdu on Android Phones

It is pretty easy to start typing in Urdu on an Android phone. Follow these simple steps below:

1. Download and install GO Keyboard from the Android Market.

2. Open the app and follow the on-screen steps to enable and switch to GO Keyboard.

Urdu Keyboard on Android Phones

3. After you enable it, go to “Input Settings” in the app and then go to “Input language settings”.

4. Scroll down till you see Urdu (in Urdu font).

Urdu Keyboard on Android Phones

5. Check the box. A popup box will open to download the language files. Tap the ‘Done’ button.

Urdu Keyboard on Android Phones

6. Download “Urdu for GO Keyboard” app from the Android Market.

Urdu Keyboard on Android Phones

7. Now open any app for text input (i.e. Messages) and pop open the keyboard.

8. Tap the ‘EN’ key on your GO Keyboard and it will change to Urdu keyboard.

Urdu Keyboard on Android Phones

I hope this tutorial was helpful to those who want to type in Urdu on Android phones.

GO Keyboard is not the only app which allows you to type in Urdu. MultiLang Keyboard also has Urdu language support.

  • Adnan Younas

    can I read Urdu text in android build in browser with this app.

  • Try Opera. It is the only browser I found which can display urdu correctly.

  • Great.. But only problem I’m facing is that Urdu characters are not being joined properly.

    I tried Go SMS Pro.

  • Fakhir Ansari

    A much faster method of typing Urdu on Android is to use the Swype keyboard:

    The latest  version supports Urdu as well and has its own Urdu dictionary so you can swype Urdu words.

    If Urdu words appear broken then you don’t have the correct fonts installed.

  • This is the same problem with me

    i cannot see the urdu characters joining together

  • Mir Faisal

    Use “Mirsal” application to read urdu SMS.
    Can be downloaded from Market.

  • Shoaib Nawaz

    I am much concerned about Urdu font rendering. Is there any way to do so?

  • bilal

    Changing the Locale to Urdu only changes the Keyboard to Arabic/Urdu. However, the rest of the Textual Information remains in English. Has any one ever worked on the system wide Urdu fonts.

  • Adaptxt Keyboard – Beta downloa this keyboard from google play works perfectly with urdu

  • Adaptxt Keyboard – Beta download this

  • HTC Lover

    I have HTC Explorer Arabic ROM but having problem of WiFi connectivity. Can I have arabic support on HTC English ROM?

  • abdul wahab

    i also have same problem and same phone

  • zea

    how to write proper Pakistani type of Urdu not Arabic style. zea.

  • kashif

    hi dear i have htc evo design i cannot read urdu in facebook too. what should i do?

  • Musata

    Google “Urdu Panini Keypad”

    Its an intelligent keypad for for Urdu in Android, Java, iphone.

    Recently released.

    It is awesome…

  • dani

    best keyboard for urdu typing is TouchPalX

  • Waqas Saeed

    Please use this keyboard to type Urdu in your android phone. It has all alphabets of Urdu and Punjabi Language.

  • SHAH

    Please give me information about Urdu typing for Samsung tab

  • Farrukh

    I’ve started using Swift Keyboard. Awesomely supporting Urdu and very friendly ….

  • Farrukh

    try Swift Keyboard and install urdu language…

  • Arshad Hussain

    I have LG E980 mobile. How i can write in urdu ?

  • muhammadjibran

    This is working… good 🙂