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How to Read Urdu/Arabic Text Messages on Android Phones

A few days ago, I wrote about how you can type in Urdu on your Android phones. After that, a number of you have email/commented that even if you are able to type Urdu, you can’t read any Urdu incoming text messages.

A phone only supports Urdu language by default if you have bought a phone from any of Middle Eastern countries or directly from Pakistan. But now, you can read Urdu texts on any phone.

Mirsal is a free Android app that lets you create, forward and reply to text messages in Urdu, Arabic and Persian language.

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For all those who have problems in reading Urdu or Arabic font, can now use this free app to read and write. The app doesn’t have a good and intiutive UI, but it does the job well.


  • this is not the solution. i want to read urdu text like i can read on any symbian fone or Black Berry… sms is not a big deal.. if we can read urdu in emails it would be awesome.

  • great working…. i appriciate your work…
    Now i can read all my messages in Urdu. Do you have another software that help to read the urdu also from website, or facebook?
    thanks a lot.
    HTC sensation 4G

  • Dear,

    I hope that you can help me to translet Justice for all, all for justice to Urdu language in Arabic letter?
    I need this for the realisation of my work of art.

    With your translation I wil be hapy.

    Kind regards,

    Almir Dervisevic

  • am using sky vega 730s android phone … its a korean mobile and i cant read urdu text or posts or comments on facebook. ny help about it?

  • Hey!
    I Appriciate Your Work
    This App Only For Texts But I Want for all over system like Phonebook(contacts),Facebook Etc I am Sure You Will Solve This Soon