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Samsung Galaxy S II Launching in Pakistan, Next Month

Samsung Galaxy S II has been launched in the UK and a couple of other countries, and with more than 3 million pre-orders already, this Android phone is going to go really big! Here’s a good news for everyone waiting for this Android phone in Pakistan

Galaxy S II will be launching in Pakistan, next month, in the first week of June. No official pricing yet on for how much this phone will be sold in Pakistan, but we do have an expected release date for Pakistan. First week of June, it is!

Unlike the Samsung Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy SL, Samsung Pakistan does not plan to launch a low-cost ‘downgraded’ version of the Samsung Galaxy S II with a Super LCD+ display screen, atleast this is what they have planned for now.

As mentioned before, no official details of what will be the Galaxy S II price in Pakistan, when it launches next month – but our guess it would be around Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 80,000 if it will be exactly like the international version with Super AMOLED+ display screen.

Check out our early Samsung Galaxy S II hands-on photos and video!


  • I agree withCateye_WCCF,that HTC Sensation will be launched in much less price then this cheap plastic copy of Iphone,and infact HTC Sensation is way better then Galaxy S2,so i will wait for it instead of this!!!

  • SGSII beats Sensation in every way, its not the plastic its the features which SGSII have and a plus point that it is unlocked for custom roms unlike Sensation, the only plus point Sensation have is the Sense UI nothing else and believe me touchwiz has improved on SGSII, its the best phone out there nothing can beat it.