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Samsung Galaxy Note II in Pakistan? Unfortuantely, Not!

It is not every day you see Samsung Pakistan making rounds on tech blogs like Engadget, but why? Apparently, an old “concept design” image, which is said to be the upcoming “Samsung Galaxy Note II”, popped up on the official Samsung Pakistan Facebook page.

That is clearly not the Galaxy Note II. Why? First, we just confirmed from Samsung Pakistan about the photo that was posted earlier referring to it as the Galaxy S III, that it is not the Galaxy Note 2. Second, Samsung Pakistan has posted an official statement that it was a misunderstanding on their end by the moderator. And third, this is the same “concept design” which did rounds on the Internet before the Samsung Galaxy S III was announced because this is how the ‘designer’ who made the mockup was expecting Galaxy S III to look like — sorry, buddy!

For those who are interested to see the photo in high-resolution? Check here. There are tons of them!