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Samsung Galaxy S Launch Postponed

Back in June, I heard Samsung will be launching their most powerful device, the Samsung Galaxy S, in Pakistan by the end of July and will cost around PKR 40,000-50,000 (not confirmed). Well, it’s August now and still no signs of the phone.

Samsung was (may be still!) actually considering to launch the Galaxy S along with Warid (just like Motorola Milestone by Mobilink?) and even had a meeting planned on July 28th in Islamabad to discuss about Samsung Galaxy S.

But the events took turn in such a way that I don’t think we’re going to see that phone launched anytime soon. The biggest plane crash (Airblue crash in Islamabad) took place on the morning on July 28th, where two of Warid’s folks were travelling to Islamabad (from Karachi) on that flight for the meeting.

There is no word on when and where the meeting will take place now, but as soon as some news pops up, I’ll let you all know!