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Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S II Now!

Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for pre-order in Pakistan! And the price at which you get the SGS II is Rs. 57,000Didn’t I tell you this, eh?

The pre-order booking page is up on Samsung Pakistan’s official Facebook page and it will also be up soon on Samsung Pakistan’s official website. This device, like I confirmed thrice, will have a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Super AMOLED+ display, 8 megapixels camera etc. and no variant is coming to Pakistan this time!

The Rs. 57,000 price package includes the Samsung Galaxy S II, one year official warranty and a gift.

Samsung Pakistan clearly states in the TOS:

“Filling this form is a display of intent to buy the Galaxy S II from Samsung official channels upon its availability. This form is not legally binding you to any party. Official Samsung distributors will contact you as soon as the device is available.”

From what I know, Samsung Galaxy S II will be available between the first and second week of July. It means, all those who pre-order the SGS II will probably get it in the second week of July.

It’s an amazing deal to get the Samsung Galaxy S II at Rs. 57,000 only a month later, as compared to the same device being offered for sky-high prices. That too, with official warranty and a gift (God knows what it is!). And most of all, this is the lowest price offered anywhere in the world for this phone!

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S II Now!

We’re almost done with the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S II review and will be published soon! Meanwhile, you can read about our quick hands-on experience with this phone.

Update: Samsung Galaxy S II, which will be launching in Pakistan will have Samsung’s Exynos processor, not the Nvidia Tegra 2. Awesome, eh?