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Buy Android Apps in Pakistan Now from Android Market

purchase Android apps in Pakistan buy Android apps

Good news for all the Android users in Pakistan! Google has opened up the marketplace for users in Pakistan and you can now purchase Android apps directly from your phone or buy apps from Android Market website.

Previously, there was no way of purchasing apps from the Android Market, only free Android apps were available. Of course, there were various way of download/purchasing Android apps using hacks and other tricks – but you can get them now, officially, using Google Checkout as the payment option.

Google Checkout supports a number of credit cards, including Paypal, as payment options. The process is very seamless and and is almost similar to downloading free apps from the Android Market. You now just have one more step to perform – confirm your purchase and which credit card to use!

Let me know if you find any problems purchasing apps from the Android Market.

UPDATE: Some users have reported that they still don’t see any paid apps in the Android Market. Google is slowly rolling out to all the devices. This may take some time for your Android phone to get it.