HTC – Mobile Phones Price

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You can see below the list of all the HTC Android phones in Pakistan and their price. If you have any queries related to these prices or want to update us, please leave us a message from the contact page.

HTC Explorer – Rs. 15,999 (Available in black) – More details!

HTC ChaCha – Rs. 21,000 (Available in white, black)

HTC Wildfire S – Rs. 23,000 (Available in grey, white, pink)

HTC Sensation XL – Rs. 53,000 (Available in black)

HTC Sensation XE – Rs. 53,000 (Available in white, black)

HTC Evo 3D – Rs. 42,000 (Available in black) – More details!

HTC Flyer – Rs. 48,000 (Available in silver grey)

HTC Sensation – Rs. 47,500 (Available in black)

HTC Rhyme – Rs. 45,000 (Available in sea green)

HTC Incredible S – Rs. 40,000 (Available in white, black)

HTC Desire S – Rs. 38,000 (Available in black)

HTC Salsa – Rs. 31,000

Updated: 22nd February 2012

The prices above include one year warranty and are official prices from Brightex, who are the sole distributors of HTC mobile phones in Pakistan.